Various Nigerian Crude Oil And Their Specifications

With a maximum crude oil production capacity of 2.5 million barrels per day, Nigeria ranks as Africa's largest producer of oil and the sixth largest oil producing country in the world.

Nigeria produces only high value, low sulphur content, light crude oils - Bonny Light, Brass Blend, Escravos Light, Forcados Blend, Qua-Iboe Light. Others include Antan Blend, Bonny Medium, IMA, Odudu Blend, Pennington Light, Ukpokiti. 

We have attempted to outline below, Specifications for the major crude samples. However, these are approximate valuations subject to Q & Q.  


Bonny Light

*API Gravity: 35 degrees
*Sulfur Content: 0.2%bbl/mt 
*Conversion Factor: 7.526
*Specifications: API 35.4°, S.G. 0.85, Sulphur 0.14, Pour point -18°C, TAN 0.27 mg KOH/g, Nickel 3.6 wppm, Vanadium 0.4 wppm, Visc. (50°C) 2.9 cSt


Qua Iboe

*API Gravity 36 degrees
*Sulfur Content: 0.1%bbl/mt 
*Conversion Factor: 7.45
*Specifications:  S.G. 0.8487, Sulphur 0.1175, Pour point 60°F, TAN 0.32 mg KOH/g, Nickel 4.1 wppm, Vanadium 0.3 wppm, Visc. (20°C) 5.71 cSt


Brass Blend 

*API Gravity variable
*Naphtha: N+2A > 70
*Sulphur: 0.13%
*Specifications: API 36.25°, S.G. 0.845 conversion rate 7.46, Pour point -36 °C, TAN 0.29 mg KOH/g, Nickel 2.0 wppm, Vanadium < 2 wppm, Visc. (40°C) 5.2 cSt



*API Gravity: 33.0-33.5 degrees
*Sulfur Content: 0.15-0.18%.
*Specifications:  S.G. 0.85, Conversion Rate 7.5,  Pour point 7 °C, TAN 0.53 mg KOH/g, Nickel 4.8 wppm, Vanadium 0.5 wppm, Visc. (40°C) 4.75 cSt



*API Gravity: 30 Degrees
*Sulfur content: 0.2%bbl/mt 
*Conversion Factor: 7.223
*Sspecifications: Pour point -27 °C, TAN 0.34 mg KOH/g, Nickel 3.9 wppm, Vanadium 1.0 wppm, Visc. (50°C) 4.6 cSt


~Eastern Union Energy